Something in the garden

Drama, lies, and murder. A simple day of planting goes wrong when someone makes an unfortunate discovery.


Written pitch

     This story is full of drama, lies, and murder. It’s about a husband (James) and wife (Eve) who buy an allotment of land as a way to help James with his PTSD. James is quite unsure if this will actually benefit him. As they take action in preparing their untouched soil for planting when James notices something very strange. The neighboring allotment is full of dead plants. When James crosses the line between the allotments to check out the dead plants and old Italian man appears (Marcello). Marcello is instantly angered, the two exchange words and Marcello disappears. After a few minutes James attempts to checkout what’s going on in his allotment. James begins digging and finds the worst thing that comes to mind, a dead body, hidden under the soil. As James makes this discovery, Marcello appears with a shovel. Marcello whacks James across the head, killing him. Marcello takes the body to his truck and quickly covers up any evidence. Eve returns to the scene to find only Marcello. Marcello tells a quick lie to cover his ass and offers to buy her plot. They exchange words, and Eve becomes under the impression James was fed up with the planting and left.



By: Connor Grasso

(6 pages)


Shooting Schedule/BReakdown

Budget Breakdown

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Act 2, Scene 1



beginning to end (24 slides) 



Full animatic

Duration: 2m 58s



Tane Timling Photoboard 

Shot, edited, and produced by Connor Grasso

(visual only)


Frame Forge Animatic